The Famous Grouse Review

A bottle of the Famous Grouse

Famous Grouse Review

Distillery:  Famous Grouse
Expression: Famous Grouse
Category: Blended Scotch
Region: Perth, Scotland
: 40%

The Famous Grouse is the top selling blended whisky in Scotland.

It’s a lighter-flavored grain whisky that’s available a low price point.

Truth be told it certainly didn’t knock my socks off at first.

After a couple of drams the initial harshness seems a bit smoother and it kinda wins you over in the end as a drinkable blend.

It doesn’t really stack up that well against the Matisse, Suntory, or Prime Blue blends available at the same price point in Taiwan.

But if you find a mini-bottle lying around your place, go ahead and give it a swig.

It ain’t that bad.

Famous Grouse Tasting Notes

Color:  Burnished
Nose: Alcohol, Grain, orange, honey
Palate:  Pepper, Malt, barley, hint of chocolate
Finish: Dry and bitter feint caramel tad harsh

Score 72 / 100

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