Four Roses Small Batch



Four Roses Small Batch Review

Distillery: Four Roses (owned by Kirin Brewery Company of Japan)
Small Batch (approximately 11-13 years)
: Bourbon
Region: Kentucky, USA
ABV: 45%

Ideally I’d be sampling this bottle in a rocking chair on a Kentucky porch during a  moonlit night while listening to crickets chirp away and breathing in some fresh Kentucky air.

But in the crowded hustle and bustle of Taipei City amidst a symphony of honking car horns  and the smell of 臭豆腐, it’s still a fantastic little bourbon.

Nice improvement on the Four Roses Yellow (Standard).

A well-balanced dram, and the higher rye content gives your pallet a swift kick in the pants.

Four Roses Small Batch Tasting Notes

Nose: Caramel, Nutmeg, Dark cherry, light honey
Palate: Spicy Rye, Oak, Vanilla, Light Cinnamon, Floral and Citrus Notes
Finish: Smooth and pleasant, vanilla, relatively long

Score 88/100

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