Green Spot Irish Whiskey Review

Green Spot Irish Whiskey


Green Spot Irish Whiskey Review

Distillery: Mitchell & Sons
Expression: Green Spot (whiskies aged 8 to 9 years)
Blended Single Pot Still Whiskey


Green Spot is one of the few remaining Irish bonded whiskeys available. It’s produced by Irish Distillers and sold exclusively to Mitchell & Son, a a Dublin based wine merchant, who is in charge of its distribution. Only 1,200 bottles are produced annually, and most of that is sold in Ireland. But through some stroke of luck, we were able to locate a few bottles of the stuff in a Taiwanese specialty shop.

Green Spot is unique for many reasons. It’s a blend of single pot still whiskies, each aged between 8-9 years. 25% of  the whiskeys used are finished in sherry casks, while the remaining 75% is aged in bourbon barrels.

There’s a big green blotch no the cap of the bottle. The green color — or“spot” — used to indicate how long the whiskey would be kept in cask. It’s sister Yellow Spot is another single pot still whiskey, but it’s bottled at 46% and features a blend of 12-year old whiskeys.

This whisky is super sneaky. Like Bruce Willis’ character in the Sixth Sense, you never really see what’s coming until the bottle’s almost empty. It’s a bit perplexing in the beginning and takes a while for your taste buds to figure out what’s going on.  

Green Spot masquerades itself as a timid dram initially … but slowly releases a few more notes with each sip. Then it switches things up like a shape-shifter.

If you have any friends who insist that single malts are far more complex than blended whiskeys, pour them a dram of this and watch their heads explode.

Green Spot Tasting Notes

Nose: Uniquely aromatic, musky, layered complexity, nostalgic sherry-dust
Palate: Medium-light body, light smoke, malt
Finish: Short warming finish, smooth, leaves you wanting more

Score 90/100

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