Hellyers Road Distillery Original Review


Hellyers Road Distillery Original Whisky

Distillery: Hellyers Road Distillery
Expression: Original (5 years)
Category: Single Malt Whisky
Region: Tasmania, Australia
ABV: 46.2%

When I came across a bottle of Hellyers Road in Taiwan at Jason’s Supermarket I was immediately intrigued.

It was the first whisky I had ever seen from Tasmanian, but other than that, I couldn’t find too much information on it.

Apparently even the legendary dram drinking Jim Murray hadn’t gotten his mitts on it because there was no rating for Hellyers in his Whisky Bible.

Nonetheless, I decided to roll the dice and pick up a bottle.

At home, I took out an ole’ Glencairn glass and poured myself a wee dram.

And then another.

and another.

About a quarter of a way through the bottle it was obvious that I had stumbled across a real winner.

Hellyers is made from Tasmanian barley and it delivers the ultimate cereal whisky experience like no other.

There’s nothing overpowering here, but every nut, berry, bushel of wheat and honey drop does exactly what it’s supposed to–they work in unison to please the palate.

It’s like a Greek goddess pouring a goblet of golden nectar down your gullet.

There are plenty of  US$200 bottles of Scotch that can’t hold a candle to this whisky.

Fantastic stuff.


The next day, I went back to Jason’s and picked up another three bottles.

Better safe than sorry.

Hellyers Road Distillery Original Whisky Tasting Notes

Nose:  Delicate grains, mild citrus
Palate:  A mouthful of warm wheat cereal followed by honey.
Finish:  Wide, expansive, clean, pure, and comfortable.

Score 87 / 100

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