Jameson Gold Reserve Review

Jameson Gold Reserve

Jameson Gold Reserve Review

Distillery: Jameson
Expression: Gold Reserve
Category: Blended Whiskey
Region: Ireland
ABV: 43%

The Gold Reserve is a blend of  three aged whiskies that were aged in American Virgin Oak (the only Jameson that uses this method), bourbon, and sherry casks.

Although this seems as if it could lead to a balanced whiskey with lots of little nuances to pick up, the imperialist American Oak bullies and overpowers its allies, leading to a bland, woody whisky drinking experience.

It pales in comparison to the outstanding Jameson 12 Special Reserve which is more complex at a significantly lower price.

The Jameson Gold Reserve is just too peppery and oaky with nothing extraordinary to liven things up.

Very drinkable albeit, just nothing spectacular for all the hype.

Jameson Gold Reserve
When you consider the price point, overall quality of the whiskey, and the trick box packaging (as pictured above, purchased at the duty-free shop in Bangkok), which gives you the illusion you’re getting a much larger bottle, I can’t think of a more fitting video than the one below.

Jameson Gold Reserve Tasting Notes

Nose:  Citrus rind, caramel, ethyl alcohol
Palate:  Very light and peppery with overtones of oak
Finish:  Quick and dry. Mellow and ghost-like.  Lacks fullness and flavor

Score 81 / 100

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