Jameson Review

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Review

Distillery: Jameson
Expression: Jameson (No Age)
Category: Blended Whiskey
Region: Ireland
ABV: 40%

Jameson ain’t the most complex whisky in the wagon but IT IS quite drinkable and pretty darn cheap.

There are a TON of better Irish whiskies out there IF you’re looking to savor.

Powers John Lane, Green Spot, Redbreast, older Jameson expressions (18, Signature Reserve, etc.) to name a few.

Only  problem is you’re gonna have to pony up A LOT MORE CASH to stock THOSE GUYS on your shelf.

Aside from price, Jameson is quite the versatile bugger.

You can use it for mixing whisky and sodas and other simple cocktails if that’s your thang.

THIS JERK keeps a bottle around for the occasional day when an Irish coffee is required an afternoon-pick-me-up.

I believe now they’re also referred to as weekdays.

Jameson Tasting Notes

Nose:  Bright citrus, toffee, light pepper, a bit of clove, ethanol
Palate: Ultra-light mouthfeel. Almost to the point of blandness. Yet the notes that are there are really enjoyable. Woody toffee caramel vanilla. A little hing of cinnamon.
Finish: Extremely short. You get a quick-spicy burn before it quickly fades away.

Score: 74 / 100

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