Jim Beam Black Review

jim beam black

Jim Beam Black Review

Distillery:  Jim Beam
Expression: Jim Beam Black
Category: Bourbon
Region: Kentucky, USA
ABV: 43%

The Jim Beam Black is a nice little step up from Jim Beam White.

It’s a gateway dram into the world of good bourbons.

You’re still a fair bit away from the universe populated by Woodford Reserve and Four Roses (Single Barrel or Small Batch) and light years from the Larue Weller but with Jim Beam Black we do have takeoff. 

Jim Beam Black Tasting Notes

Color: Dark Amber
Nose: Orange peel, Brown sugar
Palate: Brown Sugar, Spice, Vanilla
Finish: Spicy toasted oak. Sweetness continues until the end.  Medium-length, charred finish

Score 78 / 100

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