Jim Beam White Label Review


Jim Beam (White Label)

Distillery: Jim Beam
Expression: White Label (No Age)
Category: Bourbon
Region: Kentucky, USA
ABV: 40%

Over the years I’ve heard Jim Beam described in a lot of ways.

“That stuffs nasty!”

“It’s like drinking turpentine.”

“I feel like I’m drinking paint thinner.”

But does it deserve this sullied reputation?

While Jim Beam isn’t the spitting image of silky smooth by any means, it DOES NOT have any wicked bite or terrible aftertaste.

It’s certainly not bursting with flavor, but what are you really expecting at price point?

It’s become cool to favor single malts above all else and scoff at bourbons and blended whiskies.

Dissin’ Jim Beam is a way for novices to sound sophisticated about whiskey by parroting something they overheard at a dinner party.

Since Jim Beam is a bourbon in the lower price range with lots of marketing behind it got caught in the cross-hairs.

But at the end of the day, JB White  works great as a mixer and it can even function as sipping whiskey as well.

In fact I would probably take it over a lot of the younger blended scotches and a even a few single malts as well.

Along with Johnnie Walker Black (Scotch) and Jameson (Irish) it fills out that holy trinity of whiskeys that you are certain to find everywhere – from a seedy dive bar to a house party to a 5-star hotel.

Although it’s no Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, or William Larue Weller it’s an old reliable pal you can turn to when the bartender seems a bit off his game and you’ve got an itch for bourbon that needs to be scratched.

Jim Beam White Label Tasting Notes

Nose: Wood dust, Floral, Marzipan
Palate: Strong Oak, Honey, White Pepper
Finish: Very light but surprisingly sweet and balanced. Some vanilla tones.

Score 71 / 100

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