Matisse Old Whisky Review

A 200 ml bottle of Old Matisse whisky

Matisse Old Whisky Review

Distillery:  Matisse (Independent Bottler)
Expression: Matisse Old
Category: Blended Scotch
ABV: 40%

Hey sexy, you’re quite complex for a convenience store scotch.

Do I know you from somewhere?

You may think I say that to every malt on the shelf (and I do) but in this case it’s not just a pickup line.

The Old Matisse is quite similar in taste to Johnnie Walker Black with some subtle, but important differences.

It’s less oily and peppery than JW Black, but the malt is crisp, the chocolate overtones are chewy, and the smoke is there throughout.

It’s a tad more expensive than some of the other offerings we reviewed but this funky-ass blend is worth the extra NT$30.

You dig?

Matisse Old Whisky Tasting Notes

Color: Honey Gold
Nose:  Oak, Plums, Floral, Orange
Palate:  Chocolate Fudge, Smoke, Dried malt
Finish:  Nutty and Refined

Score 82 / 100

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