Suntory Kakubin Yellow Label



Suntory Kakubin Yellow Label Review

Distillery: Suntory
Expresion: Kakubin Yellow Label
Region: Japan
Category: Blended Whisky
Age: N/A
ABV: 40%
Price: NT$150 for a 180 ml bottle (About US$5.00)

This is the third whisky featured on our Mission Impossible: Taiwan Midnight Whisky Run series.

In the last post, I mentioned how I was kinda disappointed by the Suntory Black Label (Suntory 43)

Well … The Yellow Label provided some redemption for Suntory.

It’s a smooth sipper that has a tinge of that ‘Irish pot-still goodness’ that the Whisky Jerk so very adores.

For a budget whiskey its got some interesting notes to feast on and it avoids the grainy death toll that often afflicts these cheaper whiskies.

At essentially the same price as the Suntory Kakubin Black Label, this is a far superior whisky.

If you’re making it a Suntory evening at 7-11 definitely spend a few measly extra NT$ and go for the Yellow Label instead of the Black.


Suntory Kakubin Yellow Label Tasting Notes

Nose: Floral, brown sugar rice pudding, grapefruit zest, dried coconut
Palate: Custard, malt, almonds
Finish: Smooth and medium-length.

Score 77 / 100

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