Tomatin 18 Review


Tomatin 18 Review

Distillery: Tomatin
Expression: Tomatin 18
Category: Single Malt Scotch
Region: Highland
ABV: 46%

Tomatin was once the largest malt distillery in Scotland, but for years it remained under the radar because 80% of its output was designated for blended whiskies.

As of late, they have refocused their efforts on single malt offerings and the results have been quite impressive.

The Tomatin 18 is a non-chill filtered whisky that is aged in refill (bourbon) American oak casks and finished in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks.

Make no bones about it; the Tomatin 18 is a supremely elegant whisky.

The taste of clean, sulfur-free sherry is present throughout and it’s one of the main highlight of this whisky.

Although the nose is rather inviting, it only hints at that the magic that’s to come.

It hits your palate with a firework display of dried fruits, cinnamon, vanilla, oak, and plenty of other surprises begin to sparkle.

The finish remains a complex interplay of sherry, oak, and dried fruits and it is long and satisfying.

After a small initial tasting, I poured an extra long dram and spent the next 30 minutes or so slowly sipping away and trying to pick out the lovely variety of notes in this whisky.

The Tomatin 18 is a fine addition to any whisky collection and an excellent introduction to older more mature whiskies.

Plus, it’s reasonably priced to boot.

In fact, James Bond should consider ditching his beloved Vesper martini and more recently, Heineken, (I mean seriously, how much did they have to pay for that product placement?) and consider making Tomatin 18 (served neat) his go-to drink of choice.

Tomatin 18 Tasting Notes

Color:  Harvest amber
Nose: Oak, vanilla, fresh sherry and nutmeg
Palate: Extreme elegance. There’s lots going on here.
Vanilla, cinnamon, dates, apple, oak, plus a small tinge of peat to keep things interesting.
Finish: Quite suave and invigorating finish that never gets out of line.

Score 91 / 100

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