AnCnoc 12 Review


AnCnoc 12 Review

Distillery: AnCnoc
Expression: 12 Year
Category: Single Malt Scotch
Region: Highlands
ABV: 40%

I hate to be a party pooper, but every day of your life ain’t gonna turn out to be the best day you’ve ever had.

I’d even venture a guess that unless you’re an unstoppable fiesta machine like the Whisky Jerk, on most days you probably

  • Wake up
  • Go to work
  • Shuffle home
  • Watch old 
  • And go to bed

Such is LIFE.


My day was rather ordinary

By the same token, every whisky bottle in your collection ain’t gonna be a fucking classic.

That’s just the way el cookie crumbles.

For every Redbreast 12 and Glenmorangie Ealanta that honors your shelf with its mere presence you’re bound to have a crew of plain-jane malts that stick around for eons.

Not horrendous enough to re-gift or dump down the drain, but not enticing enough to drink.

And in a nutshell, that’s the AnCnoc 12.

Extremely goddamn ordinary.

It’s a good one to sip with some old friends you went to high school with … who you never stopped hanging out with 25 years later.

AnCnoc 12 Tasting Notes

Nose:  Light. floral potpourri with a spritz of honey
Palate:  Feint smoke accompanied by woody, apple, and medicinal notes
Finish: Medium-length. Oak and grains.

Score 73 / 100

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