Ardbeg Ten Review

Ardbeg 10 Review

Ardbeg Ten Review

Distillery: Ardbeg
Expression: 10 Year
Category: Single Malt Scotch
Region: Islay
ABV: 46%

The Ardbeg Ten is an entry-level offering from (arguably) the most iconic Islay distillery on the planet.

It’s non-chill filtered, comes in at a respectable 46%, and blows virtually every entry-level peat offering out of the water.
Have you got your bottle in front of you?

I hope so, because we’re about to get down and dirty with this baby.

First, uncork that sucker and put your ear to the bottle.

Listen closely.

Do hear that?

It’s the sound of a Monster Truck Peat Machine rumbling its engine, seconds before it leaves a long stretch of rubbery tire streaks across your palate.

A monster truck

If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to die from peat asphyxiation you’re about to find out.

And if the Ardbeg Ten is any indication, it wouldn’t be such a bad way to go.

In addition to the peat, there are some vague notes of black pepper, crispy bacon, lemon, and smoked fish.

But the chocolate, pear, banana, notes touted in Ardbeg’s official tasting notes seem like a load of unnecessary marketing mumbo jumbo, aimed at sprucing up an already stellar whisky.

Whatever additional pleasantries (that may or may not exist) are effectively choked out in a brooding fog of smoke wafting from the Ardbeg’s V-8 engine.

Ardbeg Ten Review

That doesn’t make it a bad whisky by any stretch.

In fact, that’s what makes it so great.

The Ardbeg 10 is an iconic Islay brand for a good reason.

Whether you’re an Islay lover or a whisky newbie curious about what people mean by a “peaty” whisky, be sure to give the Ardbeg Ten a test drive.

Rating: 88 / 100

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