Big Peat Small Batch Christmas Edition Review 2012

Big Peat Christmas Edition

Big Peat 2012 Christmas Edition Cask Strength

Distillery:  Douglas Laing & Co.  (Independent Bottler)
Expression: Big Peat 2012 Christmas Edition Cask Strength
Region: Islay
Category: Pure (Vatted) Malt Scotch
ABV: 53.6%

Well ho ho ho …. Merry Christmas boys and girls.

Look at what we found lurking around some closet-sized liquor store in a back alley Taipei City Liquor store.

The 2012 seasonal Christmas offering from the Big Peat!

Everyone knows that naughty children get a lump of coal from Santa.
But for the baddest of the bad, Old St. Nick gets down and dirty and fills their stocking filled with piles of peat.

And that’s what this edition of the Big Peat promises …. and let me tell ya … IT DELIVERS!

Next to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the most ingenious idea in the past 200 years was creating a vatted (pure) malt with four Islay beasts: Ardbeg, Caol Illa, Bowmore, and the mysterious Port Ellen.

We’re well familiar with the three usual suspects (Ardbeg, Caol Illa, and Bowmore) but  Port Ellen was a wild card to the equation as this old Islay distillery shut its doors down in 1983.

But before they did, Diageo swept in and carried off the remaining inventory, which its been dolling out in dribs and drabs ever since.

Anyways back to the Big Peat …

It’s Christmas season and the whole family is home for the holidays.
Like any dysfunctional family unit on special occasions they scrap, scrape, tussle, and cuss.

Uncle Bowmore turns up late, has a few too many, and starts telling filthy jokes.

Port Ellen won’t shut up about his younger days in the Navy.

Aunt Caol Islay tries to maintain sanity in the commotion but she’s one step away from a nervous breakdown.

And in the end, Ardbeg gets pissed off, takes control, and throws them out of his house.

Astute admirers of Islay Scotch will be able to pick out some individual nuances that are characteristic of each malt, as there is some wonderful interplay between them.

Was the whole shebang entertaining?

You’d better believe it.

Will these Malty Maniacs reunite again next year to sing Jingle Bells?

Who knows, but we sure hope that Douglas Laing and crew will make it happen!

Big Peat 2012 Christmas Edition Cask Strength Tasting Notes

Color: Showdown Noon Pale Straw Hay
Nose:  Oh let the salt beat down upon my face. Peat to fill my dreams.
Palate:  Luscious layers of raw Islay peat is on parade. Enthusiasts will detect some intermingling among the Islay malts. Caol Islay is present but rather tame. The Bowmore adds some oily chocolate notes. Port Ellen certainly adds some extra oomph but in the end the Ardbeg grab the helm and steers this one through the mist.
Finish:  A Herculean sheet of bonfire peat with some spiciness and a tinge of cane sugar makes an appearance to provide balance to this otherwise rowdy malt.

Score 89 / 100

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