Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey Review


Rittenhouse Rye Review

Distillery: Rittenhouse
Expression: Rittenhouse Rye
Region: Kentucky, USA
ABV: 50%

If you’re trigger finger’s been itching to put a new notch under your whisky tasting belt, then SADDLE UP COWBOY

You’re about to get a taste of one of America’s greatest contributions to world culture.

It ain’t baseball, apple pie, jazz, or David Haseslhoff (for the Germans)


It’s rye whisky, and when it’s done right it’s like tasking a bite outta a big ole’ pumpernickel rye deli sandwich.

Gritty, spicy, with a bit of sweetness.

The Rittenhouse Rye is a great place to start if it’s your first go-around at the Rye Rodeo.

It’s a nice bargain and exceptionally smooth for a 100-proof rye.

Pretty nice for sipping, but it’s true talent is as a mixer if you’re serving up some Boulevardiers, Manhattan, or other rye-based cocktails behind the bar.

Rittenhouse Rye Tasting Notes

Nose:  Like a carpenter’s mill with notes of cherry, cinnamon, and spicy cola in the air
Palate: Spicy nutmeg with brown sugar rice pudding
Finish: Short but satisfying. Cloves with some more oak and feint chilies.

Score 82 /100


Lion’s Pride Organic Rye Whiskey

Lion's Pride Organic Rye Whiskey


Distiller: Koval
Expression: Lion’s Pride Organic Rye Whiskey (No Age)
Region: Chicago, USA
ABV: 40%

The main selling point here is that this whiskey is made from 100% Rye.

In addition, the fact that it’s organic and made in Chicago only piqued my interest a bit further.

Did it live up to the hype though ….. ?

No was José !

In fact, this might be one of the worst whiskeys I’ve sampled recently. And with a price tag of US$70, that is QUITE a disappointment.

From start to finish, everything about this whiskey is pretty revolting. I really gave it an honest shot, but after a few drams even the crappily-drawn lion and preschool fonts on the bottle started to annoy me.

The only positive I could really take out of this tasting is I had a satisfying feeling at the end that my vision was still in tact. It was like forgoing the eyedropper and taking a big gulp straight from a jug of moonshine.

It seems that the Koval distillery, like some other upstart American distilleries, is trying to push the envelope by using different tactics and practices. And for that they should be applauded.

But if they keep churning out products like this I’m not sure how long they’ll be around.


Lion’s Pride Organic Whiskey Tasting Notes

Fumigation (Nose):  Cheap Wood and Paint Thinner minus the nitrous oxide buzz
Bite (Palate): Sugary, yet plastic and rubbery … like biting into a shelf at IKEA
Aftershock (Finish): Spicy, short, and toxic

Score 67 / 100

McAdams Canadian Whisky


McAdams Rye Whisky

Distillery: Unknown (Independent Bottler)
Expression: McAdams Rye Whisky
Category: Blended
Region: Canada
ABV: 40 %

At the end of a long day, I needed a drink.

And at NT$160 for a 200ml bottle, I figured McAdams was worth a gander.

McAdams is like a watered down version of Jameson, which is on the light side to begin with.

This whiskey is unusual in that it is devoid of tasting notes.

If the Buddha were reincarnated as a boozehound he might enjoy this dram as it is a journey into emptiness.

Taking a sip of this whisky is a bit like walking down an elevator shaft.

You get some first-aid-kit iodine on the nostrils …… then boom ….. the rug is cut out from under you.

Before you smash into the pavement below,  you’re hit with an ever so slight finish that quickly fades into oblivion.

Call me crazy, but if you put your ear to the glencairn glass, you might even hear an apology from this timid dram.

The low cost and absence of flavor make this a prime candidate for simple mixed drinks.

But … eh …. not so great for sipping.

McAdams Rye Whisky Tasting Notes

Nose: Band-aids, Caramel, Dried green apple, an old man’s lawn
Palate: Remarkably empty with a dash of white pepper and some wheat.
Finish: Short and docile finish with an ultra-mild sting (as potent as watered-down mouthwash)


PS: After a bit more research, we’ve discovered that this incarnation of McAdams is actually bottled in Taiwan and sold EXCLUSIVELY in the Taiwanese market. Can’t say I’m all that surprised, but I do feel a tad hoodwinked by the marketing.

One impostor begets another, so it seems fitting that as retribution ANYONE involved in the production or distribution of McAdams MUST watch this video below in its entirety. 

Now we’re even!

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