King Robert II Blended Scotch Whisky Review

King Robert II Blended Whisky

King Robert II Blended Scotch Review

Distillery: Ian Macleod Distillery
Expression: King Robert II Blended Scotch
Category: Blended Scotch
ABV: 40%

King Robert II Blended Scotch Whisky is produced by the Ian Macleod Distillery.

It’s available in 40 markets worldwide and reportedly sells  a total of 500,000 cases annually.

Make no bones about it — this is a budget whisky for budget shoppers.

It’s conveniently available in several sizes including 20cl., 35cl., 70cl.*, 75cl.* and 1 liter.

Although there are certainly a few noble malts employed in King Robert II’s ranks, most of his men are young, grainy mercenaries.

Half-shaven, inexperienced, and reckless they lead the way, by storming the castle walls and recklessly setting your palate ablaze.

No subtlety. No strategy. No complexity.

Just burn baby burn in the harshest sense.

Yet soon the exuberance of youth comes crashing down to Earth and the attack putters out.

Defeated and dejected, the finish is a long, quite  era of peace that is mildly comforting but lacks excitement and flavor.

I could see this one coming in handy in the former Soviet Union if one were waiting on a bread line in the dead of winter.

But unless you consider yourself a malt masochists, this one’s strictly a mixer.

King Robert II Blended Scotch Tasting Notes

Color: Light Bronze
Nose:  Old hay, carnation flowers.
Palate:   Young grains on parade. A substantial weight to it though. A lone sliver of honey tries to assert itself but it’s quickly trampled underfoot.
Finish:   Some tobacco. Long, warm, and smooth. The finish is the highlight but it’s still rather bland and flavorless.

Score 66 / 100

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