Ratings System

The Whisky Jerk Ratings are based on just one factor:




So factors like:

  • Price
  • Exclusivity
  • and HYPE don’t sway the Whisky Jerk one iota.

As insightful as the notes in the Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible series are,  the scoring system has always left me scratching my head.

How can a Johnie Walker Black (a nice budget blend in its own right) get a score of 95 percent while a phenomenal 18-year-old Macallan only pulls a 91 percent?

Ladies and gentlemen this does not make sense!

In this drunkards opinion, ratings should reflect that.

Ratings System

95 – 100
Absolute-grade-A-primo stuff here.
Complex and balanced. An absolute classic!
Save it for special occasions and dole it out with an eyedropper

Just a notch off the top level. Still pretty fucking fantastic.
Don’t serve it to any palookas who won’t appreciate it.

Really good stuff. No major flaws in these drams.
Makes for some for fine drinking.

Still an enjoyable whisky but nothing to write home about.

60 – 69
Oye vei … now we’re getting to the bottom of the barrel.
Not so good at all.
You’re probably better off mixing it with soda.

Below 60
Buy it.
No, really. Snatch it up.
Then slip it into some jerk’s liquor cabinet (just NOT this Jerk) and laugh hysterically when he takes a sip, contorts his face, and spits it out.