Redbreast 15 Review


Redbreast 15 Review

Distillery: Redbreast
Expression: Redbreast 15
Category: Single Pot Still

ABV: 46

Along with the delectable Green Spot Whiskey, Redbreast is one of the few remaining single pot still whiskeys available.

Named after the red-breasted fly catcher, Redbreast is produced by Middleton distilleries in Cork County, Ireland.


Where is my royalty check, bitch?

Through a stroke of good luck we managed to get our mitts upon on a few bottles of Redbreast 15 (no small feat in Taiwan.)

To celebrate the occasion, I invited a few maniacal-malt-marauders over for a good ole’ fashioned tasting session.

After sampling a few single malts I casually slid the Redbreast across the bar.

Truth be told, some of these Scotch snobs nearly blew a head gasket when they glimpsed an Irish invader in their presence.

The tension was so palpable, you cut could it with a knife.

They were not amused.

“An Irish whiskey, huh? This ought to be interesting!”
“Is this really necessary? We’ve got plenty of good Scotches to last the evening.”
“Ah, feck!”
“How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?”

Yet through all the chaos, the Redbreast 15 remained undaunted.

Silently it stood it’s ground, the bottle glistening like a gem in the moonlit night.

I tried pouring a hearty dram for all but  the skeptical Scotch-o-philes shushed me with a wave of their fingers to indicate that a wee portion was more than enough.

Yet upon first sip, their Haggus lovin’ taste buds immediately perked up and started singing a different tune.

The first fellow told me it twas the finest “whiskey” …  AND “whisky” he EVER tasted.
Meanwhile, another lad started humming the opening bars of “Danny Boy” under his breath.
Still another cradled his empty glass and began begging like an orphaned street urchin from Oliver Twist.
“Please sir, may I have another?”

Needless to say, I was happy to oblige and we all enjoyed several “mighty drams” before calling it a night.

So what makes this whiskey so special?

For starters, the triple distillation helps smooth out the rough edges while the unmalted barley adds additional depth and flavor.

Redbreast has a wonderful mouthfeel to it that’s simultaneously oily and creamy and engulfs your entire palate.

It tantalizes every taste bud with a complex medley of mellow fruitiness and spice and it leaves behind a toasted almond and chocolate aftertaste.

At 46% this is an extremely well-balanced and complex whiskey with all notes intermingling and coexisting in perfect harmony.

If you happen to spot a Redbreast 15 in the wild, no matter which continent you may be on, be sure to swoop in and pick it up before it flies away.

Redbreast 15 Tasting Notes

Nose: Toasted wood, various spices, chocolate fudge, orange peel
Palate: Nutella, caramel, ripe fruits, hints of sherry, oily and creamy mouthfeel
Finish: Smooth yet powerful. Wonderful end to a masterful concerto.

Score: 92 / 100

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