Jack Daniels Sinatra Select: A Frank Review


Jack Daniels Sinatra Select

Distillery: Jack Daniels
Expression: Sinatra Select
Category: Tennessee Whiskey
Region: Tennessee, USA
ABV: 45%


Frank Sinatra was a sharp fella known for his impeccable taste.

So it may come as a surprise that his favorite whiskey in the world was Jack Daniels Old No. 7 and not some wildly expensive limited edition 50-year old single malt.

The Chairman of the Board even had his own pet names for his beloved spirit calling it “nectar of the gods” and “gasoline” for its ability to keep his engine roaring through the show.

When he was laid to rest someone slipped a JD-filled flask into his coffin so he could swig some booze en route to that great gig in the sky.

In cooperation with his estate, Jack Daniels decided to pay tribute to “Old Blue Eyes” by giving him his own JD special expression: Sinatra Select.

To provide some extra flavor and a bit of flair special “Sinatra Barrels” were employed in the maturation process. The Sinatra barrels had small grooves carved on the inside of the cask to expose the spirit to more wood thus providing more spice and oak flavor.

Sinatra Wood

We got a chance to sample this baby and flip through the packaging courtesy of the folks at Ounce, Taipei.

It’s certainly one of the boldest expression of Jack Daniels available.

At 90 proof, it’s the same strength that Old No. 7 was back in the days when Frankie was drinking it.

The Packaging

In a word: outstanding …

Sinatra Select comes in a sharp-looking black box which contains a nifty little booklet about Frank’s career and his 50-year love affair with Jack Daniels.

The iconic Jack Daniels bottle got a little makeover as well. It’s sleeker and has an orange (Frank’s favorite color) icon of a fedora on the neck.

For the time being, Sinatra is only available at select duty-free shops and a few high-end retailers, but it may be more widely distributed in the near future.


My first inclination was to give Sinatra Select “the business” for being a bit over-hyped and overpriced.

But at the end of the day, Sinatra Select is one of the finest Jack Daniels expressions available and it’s presented in a really well-crafted package.

If you’re a curious Jack Daniels lover who’s comfortable dropping US$150 on a bottle, go ahead and give it a go. But if you’re on a budget, you might take a pass and opt for the Single Barrel or Silver Select which offer better value.

Either way, you can start spreading the news that Jack Daniels Sinatra Select is a fine whiskey and a must-have collector’s item for all of his fans.

Jack Daniels Sinatra Select Tasting Notes

Nose: Damp wood, berries and ripe McIntosh apples floating in on the Summer Wind.
Palate: Potent oak meets spice like Strangers in the Night. Chewy banana notes and hints of cherry.
Finish: Long, dry and warming finish that will get under your skin but doesn’t overheat the taste buds.

Score: 89 / 100

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