Tomatin Legacy Review

tomatin legacy review

Tomatin Legacy Review

Distillery: Tomatin
Expression: Legacy
Category: Single Malt Scotch
Region: Highland
ABV: 43%

With the Legacy,  Tomatin has throw its proverbial hat into the ring of the non-age-statement whisky arena.

Here’s a little background on Tomatin …

For years, it has lurking in the shadows of the popular Scottish distilleries.

Unbeknownst to many casual whisky drinkers, it’s actually been quite a major player in the whisky world for quite some time.

In fact,  you’ve probably been drinking it all along without even knowing it, as it’s been providing a lot of oomph to many of your favorite blends.
Yet it wasn’t until recently that Tomatin decided to branch out it operations and put some weight behind its single malt offerings.
Straight out the gate, it has already brought some extremely fascinating malts to the table but in a short time span, it’s already completely overhauled and revamped its offerings.

Case in point:

The Tomatin 15 was a phenomenal whisky.

It even earned a nice little spotted perched above the Whisky Jerk’s home collection.

Yet just as soon as I developed a twinkling in my eye for this sweetheart , it was plucked from the bosom of myself and other enthusiastic consumers and quickly discontinued.

Oh Tomatin. Why doth thou plucketh the 14 from us so soon?


Similarly, the Tomatin 18 is a stellar whisky, but it’s in such short supply that they are dolling it out on allocation.

Now …. back to the Legacy

So what’s the Jerk’s take?

We’re talking about some pretty phenomenal stuff at a delicious price offering.

Whisky guru Jim Murray gave it a 94 in his acclaimed Whisky Bible.

 And by golly … he’s got it right.


At $30 – $35 a bottle, it’s a steal of a deal. So, if you can your grubby mitts upon a bottle, snatch it up before they come to their senses and jack up the price.

I liked it so much I decided to share a mini-dram with my goldfish.

goldfish slightly drunk on Tomatin

Needless to say, he can’t speak.
But he crashed face-first into the tank a few times and swam a lap around the bowl backwards.
{I think he liked it}


Tomatin Legacy Tasting Notes

Nose:It delivers a tangy wisp of lemon on the nose, vanilla bean, marshmallow, and some pine overtones coming over the top.

Palate: The whisky comes ablaze on the tongue. The malts are young albeit, but they’re clean and crisp and under the reigns.

Finish:As this whisky fades into the sunset the malts go on cruise control, leaving you with some delicate spices on the fade away.

Rating: 82 / 100

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